Flat Land: Four Architect-Artists Project, the City of Miami (Ongoing Event)

Event Type: Art Exhibitions
Age Group(s): Adult (18 yrs.+), Family (All Ages)
Date: 9/9/2017 - 1/2/2018
 Presented by Jacob Brillhart, Rocco Ceo, Victor Deupi and Tom Spain.

The theme of Flat Land references one of the most conspicuous aspects of South Florida—its lack of topography. Between the mountainous sky and increasingly omnipresent water is a city ever‑changing, both ambitiously vertical and sprawling, struggling to accommodate conflicting interests on a thin plane of usable land, lapped by two bodies of water: the Everglades and Biscayne National Park. Nature, unrelenting and leveling through seasonally violent storms, and even less predictable human acts, causes us to react, reflect and weigh these conflicting interests. The four architects/artists will draw, paint and project this place on the ‘other’ flat land of their canvas and paper. The theme of this effort is also a metaphor for an accessible and open dialog between artists and the public, made possible by the opportunity for a shared artists’ studio residency and exhibition at the Miami‑Dade Public Library—a natural place of collaboration, interaction and learning.

Renowned for their drawings and paintings of architecture, the four artists have traveled throughout the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe to depict inspiring cities, buildings, monuments and landscapes. The proposed residency and exhibition will focus on Miami, bringing to light the unknown spaces of the city through a series of newly produced drawings, watercolors and paintings.

Opening Reception and Artist Talk
Saturday, October 28, 3‑5 p.m.
Library: Main Library Branch    Branch Locations